2018 Inspire is a local non-profit providing mental health services to underserved communities. I directed, shot, edited and did the motion graphics for this series.

An expert in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Dr. Ben Goertzel delves into the evolution of the internet, the technological singularity, and the fact that synthetic intelligence will be achieved within a few decades.

2014 Indiegogo funded Documentary series about the hopeful future of humanity.  I edited and did sound design.

Featuring interviews with various Disney Legends and Historians, Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow looks at the various technologies Walt Disney used and developed over the course of his life. From creating the first sync sound animation in 1928 to his unrealized dream of E.P.C.O.T., an experimental city that passed on with him in 1966, this film shows Walt Disney as the futurist he truly was.

2014 I was the sound editor of this feature length documentary

2017 This video is one in a series of 30 segments for beyondwords.life, an online lifestyle magazine.  I shot, directed, and edited the series.

2018 I directed, shot 2nd camera, and edited this promotional clip for the opening of a charter school in Henderson.

2017 Amerikarate is a comic book published in 2017. This promotional segment aired as a commercial on youtube.  I animated and edited this project

The 4th Annual Nevada Women's Film Festival will be held March 23rd-25th, 2018. Educator, Shirley Johnston and Festival Founder, Nikki Corda, talk about documentaries.

2018 I directed, lit, shot, and edited this series of promotional videos for the Nevada Women’s Film Festival.