Print Work

Examples of some of print work I've done.

Front Cover v6.png

Nevada Women's Film Festival

I had the honor of serving on the executive committee of the Nevada's Women's Film Festival.  I took on the responsibility of designing the program for 2017.  This project involved collecting all the materials from all the sponsors and filmmakers.  I designed the look and layout from scratch.  (inDesign)

Osiris Path Cosplay test 2.jpg

Osiris Path Variant Cover

Osiris Path will be published in late 2017.  For it's inaugural issue famous cosplayer April O'Neil posed for a variant cover.  I did the title design, the photo retouching, and placed the reflection onto the helmet.   (Photoshop)

swinger sample.jpg

Fitness Coloring Book

(Work in Progress) This project is about mixing fantasy and exercise in color book aimed at girls.  I have many strong female friends that bring their kids to the gym.  I love the way the children look up to their strong moms and I think it would be fun to have a coloring book that celebrates strength but still has the classic whimsical coloring book elements.  (Illustrator)